Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy to agree when it's true

This blog is dedicated to Patricia Carrigan, author of the antiserum series who replied with this statement to one of my posts on facebook, which I have used as the title of this blog. This statement sounded so simple yet so profound with its deep meaning inside. Today people are not ready to accept what you say even after showing multiple proofs either because out of their ignorance or ego. Also there are many people who are getting deceived with false claims due to insufficient knowledge and exposure. But it all becomes easy to agree when what you say is true and universal. Acceptance from people is one of the hard things to achieve in life. Be true to make it easy.

Life is a long journey right from our birth till death. During this finite journey we are bound to come across lots of people along whom we will be working. To climb up the ladder of growth quickly, many use the wrong methods of convincing people on their reasons through false methods. They might succeed in climbing a few steps but after some time when their disintegrity is revealed, the steps of the ladder just break resulting in them falling down from heights. Unfortunately it take more time to build back the steps of the ladder and climb it again. However if one can be truthful in whatever he/she does, then there is no need of the struggle to cover up for the mistakes made. You are free in the open world to correct all your mistakes and move on. Indeed your failure will also be respected by people when you are true and open. It's easy for people to agree with what you did when you're truthful else the extra time lag happens if one is trying to convince that the false is the truth.

No wonder that today being truthful has been almost considered to be insane in business, I mean the real world out there. Profits and profit margins are just killing the true spirit in us. Folks! let's beware of the future as well. What you sow is what you reap. Better maintain the integrity in whatever you do. Struggles and difficulties do arise in every path whether you are truthful or not. It's always the path to success that enhances your life and not just the destination of success alone. Hence be truthful and make it easy for people to follow what you do. Eager to know your feedback on


  1. What a nice post Mohan :) My parents have taught me that being upfront and honest is always the best policy. In business and personal life you can't go wrong by sticking to the truth.
    Another great post, Kudos.

    1. Thanks a lot Patricia! All credits go to you as you were the real root cause for this blog to take birth. My salute to your parents too for the lessons that they have taught you :)