Tuesday, October 02, 2012

ATTH - the Beginning

ATTH is a word that takes its roots from the mother of all languages sanskrit which means the beginning. Almost all our ancient scriptures of India including our bhagwadgeeta contain this word 'ATTH' at the beginning of many chapters and shlokas. This was the word that we chose to name an event which would symbolise the beginning of an era of massive impact for the improvement and the empowerment of our society. ATTH is going to be one of the most grand events that Bangalore city would be witnessing this November 4th,2012.

Entrepreneurship is a vast field that has been providing food for every individual existing on this planet today. If there were no people who could pay others who worked to build a business, probably we would still have to follow the lifestyle of a chromagnum man of collecting fruits and roots from trees to eat. There are businesses developed by certain people towards a common objective to serve a particular need and they amass many others of different talents together at one place to meet this requirement. With the need getting the service even the employees and employers earn their livelihood from entrepreneurship.

When the word 'social' gets added before entrepreneurship it becomes social entrepreneurship and the need that this business will serve is going to become a social cause. Today's world is suffering under the hands of global warming, illiteracy, hunger, poverty, caste discrimination, racial discrimination, scarcity of drinking water, lack of basic necessities to all, soil erosion, animal extinction and many of them. If there can be any company or an organization or a business that can come to address such issues and help serve, improve and empower the society then that gets called as SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP which is the need of the hour. So its time that we take the control right in our hands to protect the planet earth from the clutches of such social problems. So it very important for each one of us to understand and explore this arena of social entrepreneurship. Henc to know and learn more about social entrepreneurship you can block your seat at the mega event on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP forum that's coming up this November 4th,2012 in Bangalore, India presented by 'Inspiration Unlimited' and powered by 36meals(NGO which aims at erdicating hunger from the world). For more information visit
or mail atthteam@gmail.com

Awaiting you at ATTH!!!!!!!!!!

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