Saturday, October 13, 2012

As I foray into the future

As I foray into the future of unlimited freedom, I realise that I need to be more responsible for each and every act of mine. I have worked as a software engineer at Oracle for over three years now and finally on October 12th,2012 I quit my job to enter the field of full time entrepreneurship. Today, a day after my job ends the mind is clear without any pressure of work or confusion about my career growth as a software engineer in a company. The mind is pouring in questions as to how do I work on my passion and impact a large mass of people. Every instance happening around just inspires me to think a lot more as to how can I make use of it to grow to be a better human being.

The seed of becoming an inspirational speaker was sown in my head when I was in 9th std when I watched few videos of Shiv Khera. The sheer power to hold a crowd of thousands of people just by talking for hours together really triggered the desire more in me to do the same. I have been addressing people from three years now and it's been an enhancing experience each time I do it. Today I feel, I have all the time and all the resources that are necessary to build my intellectual ability to serve all those who listen to me. Working in a job of eight hours also gave me ample time to invest on my passion of public speaking. The only reason that I could take the strong decision of quitting my job was this. I practised my passion bit by bit in the available time even while I was working for my living elsewhere.

Friends! Your passion is only yours and belongs to no one else. It's in your hands to either water it or leave it to spoil and die. The only way to keep your passion alive is by practising it as often as necessary. Since I kept my hopes alive that someday in the future I will make my passion as my profession, I always tried to take out my extra and free time apart from the office work towards my passion and took talks. I feel a sense of accomplishment in letting you know that I have addessed more than ten thousand people face to face through seminars, inspirational and empowerment talks and trainings while working in a job for which I had to spend 3 hours of travelling daily. Probably one lesson that I can share out of my experience is that, practise your passion no matter how busy you are because at the sunset of our lives we only remember what we did out of passion and not what we did out of pressure in the past. You can share your views and opinions on