Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you a copycat?

Probably a question that many wouldn't like to answer or even hear. Let me make it very clear at the first step itself. I am not referring to one of those copycats who copy others' answers in exams to pass or score well in the exam. I am referring to the real exam of life where in all of us are just copying and repeating what someone else has already done. Many have this air around them that they wouldn't repeat what someone else has already spoken or they wouldn't do what someone else has already done. Dear friends! you can copy anything and do it numerous times as long as it leads to the upliftment of the mankind.

New always arises out of the existing. Even the man today we see is a result of continuous process of evolution from the ape generation. I am damn sure that we don't know the name of the man who first completely evolved into a human being from being an ape. Today's technical world is seeing so many cases on patents. Has anyone got the patent on soil or air or water or plasma? When everything on this planet and in this unvierse is a combination of just the above 4 states of matter it's so easy to understand the model of the universe. Each state of matter exists in specific amounts at necessary locations only to fulfill the purpose of its existence. Similarly if you learned a point which you feel you can pass on to someone which might be helpful to that person just go ahead fearlessly as long as it is morally, ethically and legaly correct. You don't have to create something on your own newly just because you don't want to copy what someone else has already said or done.

An inventor is not the one who just invents something novel, an inventor is one who makes sure that his invention benefits large masses of people around him. Observe the model of an atom and compare it to that of a solar system. You can just wonder at how the universe itself copies its own idea. After all, each one of us belong to the same universe. You are not copying or aping anyone, you are just sharing what they have created to spread it among large number of people. You are just being a messenger of a new thought. I don't mind even if you copied someone else's feedback as long as you message me your feedback on

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