Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Until you achieve

Life is a struggle in pursuit of what we desire to achieve. Expectations keep building, efforts keep increasing until we reach the destination destined for us. In this process of relentless working, the goal seems distant though we inch towards it step by step because we aren't sure as to how it feels of having achieved it until we do it.

Be it a problem or a challenge or a milestone, each one of them has a definite algorithm and a defined time interval associated with it for anyone to accomplish it. The understanding of the degree of this definition or the definiteness varies between individuals of various calibre. Massive experience backed up by amass of knowledge are the two essentials that can make possible the understanding more clear. While building the knowledge base and filling the experience bag, we walk towards our goals in the darkness of uncertainty with a torch of hope holding the arm of belief. Hurdles appear in varied sizes and various forms at different time intervals to test us as well as to toughen us. There is a fear encovered with disbelief that creeps through our nerves in such occasions of failures when we disagree to rise up and walk further. Unfortunately many end their journeys in such scenarios. Only those special souls who keep fuelling the inner lamp of self-belief and confidence oxygenated by the Universe's blessings make it through the tunnel of hardships to the throne of success. One fact is sure-shot with each one of you who traverses a similar path and that is, you are in the state of wilderness until you achieve it and realise as to what it takes to achieve only after you achieve it. Such is the maze of God!

Many a times man is in the delusion that he knows the solution for a problem at hand but there is always this probability of the solution not working that adds the situation with more entropy. We have to accept this but keep working towards our goals. The feeling of accomplishment and the steps to achievement can be described and explained verbally a million times but you won't be able to taste an ounce of it until you achieve it on your own.
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