Thursday, September 20, 2012

Self-study for studying self

Today's education system is designed so well that it teaches us about everything that is present around us. We are taught about things, places, animals and people. We learn history, geography, science, society, psychology and a lot more. Innovations and discoveries keep piling up our syllabus. There are multiple degrees and the scope of knowledge keeps multiplying as we get deeper into any subject. Unfortunately amidst all these there is not even one single opportunity for us to learn about ourselves. Probably this is the only subject that any human mind could not design until now.

Several wise men always have mentioned that the strongest people whill be those who have the most self-awareness. I don't know if anyone can deny this. I believe its our responsibility to know about ourselves to the best extent. I say, 'best extent' here because it's absolutely impossible to understand completely as to how a human mind reacts to any new situation. As time progresses the situations around us change, our wisdom grows and so do our challenges. So time and again we keep changing our behaviour in accordance with the lifestyle around us. In this continuous process of change we need to learn about our own strengths and our own weaknesses. We need to evaluate our own performance time and again only to search our for own flaws which the others can't identify and be willing to rectify the same. Probably someone else can note out key points about us based on what we showcase. Based on what we talk, how we behave, what we like or dislike someone can feel that they understand us completely but I can be more than sure that the God has kept the greatest challenge in discovering the self. Its quite important for everyone of us to understand onself in order to live a fulfilling life.

Hence I came up with the topic 'Self-study for studying self'. We have to study about ourselves. No one else can do this assignment for us. We need to sit and introspect about what we spoke and what we did. Obviously there is no harm in standing and introspecting either! We need to evaluate our own desires and understand the reason for our behaviour on different occasions. This will definitely be an unending process till death. There is no point in learning and achieving everything around you unless you can know the real reason that your mind will be happy and satisfied with. Hence set the process of self-study to understand oneself right away.
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