Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know but I won't do

I know that I have to study well to get good marks but I won't study. I know that I have to perform really well at work but I won't work to my best extent. I know that I need to develop additional skills and keep myself updated but I won't practise the same. I know that I need to research and do market study for my business but I won't do it. All these statements stand only until the deadline approaches near. Until the deadline is decided these statements will continue in our subconscious minds either we knowing/unknowing them consciously.

I can be very sure that this has happened with everyone of us that we sometimes forcibly drag away ourselves from what we are suppose to do. The author of the book 'The War of Art' clearly describes this negative force that keeps us away from our work as 'Resistance'. He also describes in detailed chapters as to how this resistance takes different forms as disinterestedness, sleep, rest, recreation, fun, fear, resultless and other forms. International inspirational speaker and the best selling author Shiv Khera states in his book 'You Can Win' that even winners don't like to wake up early, they also don't like to work hard but still they do irrespective of liking or disliking because the work demands them to. Sometimes its hard to understand that why we ourselves forbid us from working or from continuing to work in spite of knowing the advantages, the rewards that can be achieved by performing action towards our very own work. Probably the visions ahead of our work fail to pull us towards them or the motivation in ourselves fails to push us forward. We see ourselves encompassed by the weakerself in us who dominates us more with fears and distractions. No doubt that we need to fight hard to get out of this entagled prison of feelings and emotions.

The only way to save ourselves from such dangerous situations is by planning an exciting line of work towards a grand vision within short intervals of time. The size of the dream or goal or vision that you visualise for yourself depends upon your imagination. Goals that take too much of time to accomplish sometimes lack lusture to keep us motivated continuously. Hence its very important to design short term goals which can be separated by decent intervals of time and which can be accomplished with calculated amount of work. Only then can you convert 'I know but I won't do' to 'I know that I can do'.
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