Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flowers are few

Everyday when I think of coming up with a new topic for my blog for the day, I keep searching thoughout the day for some menaingful message that can convey a fruitful thought to my reader's mind. In this process I asked myself as to how can one come up with something new on a daily basis. The answer that flashed my mind was a big NO! No one ever comes up with anything new on this earth. There is abundance of resources around us which we use to modulate something that looks new.

As per the last statement in the above paragraph, I was looking around myself for an idea for my today's blog. As I was looking out of the window while travelling in the bus, I found these small white flowers that had just crossed the budding stage on plants under the fly-over. The concept of having gardens under the fly-overs was an interesting idea of mine which has been already implemented in many places across the city. So when I was observing one such small plant underneath the fly-over I could see these beautiful little white flowers. There were hardly ten of them in the entire plant. The first objects to catch my eyes were these flowers as soon as I saw the plant. If the plant was devoid of these flowers, probably I wouldn't have even remembered that I had seen the plant. These tiny flowers added to the beauty of the plant which became the symbol of recognition and remembrance. But the only sad fact was that these flowers were very few in number. Such is the creation of the Almighty. He always keeps precious things less in number or is it that whatever is in scarcity becomes precious? This is a deep thought to prod in further. Probably drinking water is one of the best examples for this debate. Decades ago when clean drinking water was available in abundance, people hardly considered it with utmost care but now when drinking water resources are srinking in size and number, water has become a precious commodity to afford which is no more available free of cost.

Precious items are always few in number but more in demand in this world. Be it precious gems and stones or precious people who strive day in and day out to make this world a better place to live. The choice to be like one of the hundreds of the leaves on a plant or like one of the few flowers on a plant is in our hands. Let us be those precious human souls on this mother earth who can make every moment of our lives precious to the world around.
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