Sunday, August 12, 2012

The internet highway to salute the martyrs

Each Indian knows the struggle that the martyrs of our country who have laid down their lives for our independence. Each time you walk free on the roads of India you can be sure and proud of the fact that you are free because of all the sacrifices made by our martyrs. As a tribute in the e-way we bring to you from IU(Inspiration Unlimited) a speacial patriotic app to pay your tribute to our martyrs. Just follow the simple steps below to display the patriot in you;

Pay e-tribute this year to the martyrs of India in the e-way. Support this effort of IUindia & the CBBJ College, Bangalore. Share this link with all your friends!

Step 1: Change your account settings (under security settings & disable secure browsing!)Note: Be patient throughout! Little effort for our martyrs for the lives they gave away. next 3 days lets get as many people to pay tribute the e-way this year! 

Step 2: Click 
Step 3: Like the page
Step 4: Be thrilled by the little effort of IU of what we tried to create.
Step 5: Click Pay Tribute

Happy 65th Independence day!

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