Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Incessant Practice to Perfection

Just 2 days back I had written a blog named as 'Create Thyself' wherein I wanted to convey the message that any person can become what he/she wants to be by developing any talent or skill that he/she desires to through proper planning and dedicated efforts. After this blog I got some questions from people as to how one can develop a new skill all of a sudden. To answer these doubts and questions I come up with the current blog 'Incessant Practice to Perfection'.

No one can ever develop any talent or skill all of a sudden. Everything takes time to grow and develop. We know that nourishment, minerals, water and sunlight help a seedling to grow into a tree. Similary persistence, perseverence, interest and efforts help any talent or skill to develop in us. The first step is the decision to develop the new skill that you intend to and to define it precisely to yourself. I would like to give my own example here as to how I developed my skill of blogging. Long time back when lot of people were already involved into blogging and used to share their thoughts, I used to feel very inferior to them because I didn't have the capability to put down my thoughts into right words. Then one fine day I decided that I must blog irrespective of my own comebacks and develop the blogging skill in me. Similarly in anyone before starting there's always a fear of lack of expertise. Expertise comes only after you've exercised your skill enough. So just accept the fear and move into action first. Once started practice must continue incessantly until one is satisfied of the degree of perfection developed. To do this there must be a commitment unto onself or a public one. I declared openly on facebook to my 500+ friends that I would be writing a blog a day and named it as ABAD commitment. As per the second step, once you declare what you would be doing publicly it always serves as a push on your subconscious mind because many conscious minds are aware because of your declaration. The third and final step is to keep practising consistently on a daily basis and innovating in every practice to make yourself better at the new skill which is an unending process limited to only your expectation and imagination.

I force myself to bring in a new concept into my blog everyday, include new vocabulary, new quotes, frame new similes and phrases and lots more. This is what keeps me also interested to do the same blogging everyday. As a result of my consistent practice for more than hundred days today I can write any blog within a matter of few minutes while I keep hearing that many others struggle for hours to put up one blog. Last but not the least results are very important. As a result of my blogging the output is nothing but blogs which are being read by lots of people all across the world because I displayed my talent as well. So while you are practising don't wait until you become perfect, keep showcasing whatever you practise to the outer world because recognition is one more source of motivation. I feel very happy that today people are taking print-outs of my blogs for reading and my articles are being published in online magazine. Also I received an e-mail from Mark Stuhlfaut(PhD),
Assistant professor in School of Journalism and Telecommunications, College of Communication and Information Studies at University of Kentucky after he read one of my blogs. You can just imagine the power of internet and the reach of my blog :)

I have shared my tips on how to develop and master a new skill or talent. Really appreciate if you can write back with your experience on

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