Thursday, August 09, 2012

Accept wanted Reject unwanted

People are different, same person is different in different situations and at different times, acts of the same person are different. This is the diversity embedded into the world that we are living in. More so in the human beings' DNA code. Man is not a machine to do the same act in the same manner everytime. For that matter even machines are influenced by nature which alters their quality of work as time passes. When non-living things are not spared by deviating from the monotonous style how can we expect humans to be the same all the time?

Most of us have certain perceptions built about people in our mind. The moment we see a movie hero, we expect him to be a celebrity and live a glamourous life. The moment we see an entrepreneur we expect him/her to be busy in business all the time growing the company. These are just two simple examples about the type of perception that we build by just a sight of the outer life of a person. The same movie hero might be a technocrat about whom you're not aware of and when this comes into light people can't take it, the same entrepreneur might be a poet/poetess also. One cannot expect any person on this earth to be in the idealistic way that one thinks that person to be always. When a person delineates from the perception built people start rejecting the person. A very simple yet profound example is that of Mahatma Gandhiji. No doubt that most of them respect him for the struggle he went through for our freedom but few of them are interested only in pointing out how He treated his children, how He allowed the Indo-Pak separation. One of the most recent examples was that of Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was accused of having an illegitimate relationship. Some of them forgot the contribution that Arnold had made to the field of bodybuilding, sports, cinema, society and completey put him down from the image of an idol. Come on friends! There is good and bad in everyone. Accept the good and reject the bad. Why does one have to reject the person who is a package of both?

Never hate people, probabaly you can hate their deeds. When you're mining an ore, if you 're just throwing off the big stone of gold just because its covered with mud and unwanted matter then you're the person losing the GOLD. Learn from people for the good deeds that they have performed. For their bad deeds they will be paying the price about which you don't have to worry about. Infact its already taken away precious time of their life, why do you also want to lose your life's time for those thoughts. Accept that we are all humans and 'Human is to err'. Keep the filter of your mind clean enough to accept the wanted and reject the unwanted.

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  1. wonderful Sir :) :) every person has a good and a bad images of himself, lets respect and appreciate everyone for the goodness in them rather than picking their badness. :) :) :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback and the endorsement of the idea