Sunday, April 01, 2012

Team - Necessity of the hour

No doubt that everything on this earth that exists was because of a team. Might be the naturally found resources were because of the teamwork of earth, wind, sun and water. Coming to the man-made things nothing could have been created if it was not for a team. Its quite obvious that we here only single names when it comes to inventions and discoveries. But there is a big hidden misnomer in this. All the supporting theories and existing inventions that helped the new innovations to come by were provided by others. Hence the new ones also were created by a team.

The biggest advantage of having a team is that you can feel free enough to share your thoughts, ideas, talents, skills, feelings and emotions with a close set of people whom you trust more. The best of the fights and the best of the celebrations happen within a team. The team size really doesn't matter infront of the team sight for future of the team and as well as every individual in it. A closely knit team which can create a revolution can even bring down the biggest structures. "A single  finger can't do much but as a fist we can be really strong"- Sumit Lalwani. Energy, passion, love, respect, enjoyment, skills not just add up but get multiplied when we are in a team.

Inspite of these advantages, people find it difficult to co-exist in a team long enough due to the ego-clashes, difference in opinions, miscommunication and wrong assumptions. If as a team everyone of you can make sure that these do not happen the future world is yours. Sharing the best and the worst moments of life with the team you can walk miles together bare-footed but still enjoy the ride. The most necessary thing for the team is the role of a team leader who spearheads the team who ought to have the highest wisdom and courage to know that he is the right person to lead the team. To be the team leader or team player is your choice but make sure you play whichever role you choose really well because everything that you do affects the team's spirit.

The best learning that I got from Sumit Lalwani sir was - You have 3 roles to play: 1. An individual, 2. Team player and 3. Team Leader. Your roles will keep changing depending on situations. Better know your role as per the circumstances and play the game because only then you get the maximum output that is expected out of a team which will serve the ultimate aim of developing the world we are breathing in.

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