Monday, April 09, 2012

It's time to meet your loved one

The heartbeat rises. The eyesight flashes. The foresight sparkles. The mindnote increases. All these happen when you get to know that you are going to meet your loved one. Hats off to the creation of the Almighty. He dint make humans only of flesh and bones but of feelings and emotions as well. Not only humans even the animals are not spared when it comes to the beautifully marvellous sensation of love. We stop hearing the noisy horns on the road, we stop seeing the dirt on the glass, we stop feeling the hotness of summer when we are completely submerged under the mesmerizing imagination of the near future when we meet our loved one.

Years, months, days and minutes would have gone by from the time we met our loved one and one confirmation that we are gonna meet again can make us forget all the distance so far like mere seconds. This is the power of love. We jump into the imagination of how the meeting will happen, where the meeting will happen, at what time the meeting will happen. We are so sure that it might not at all happen the way we imagined but still we will invest our time and creativity to build the imaginary future meeting not out of madness but out of madness of love. The smile this imagination brings on our face, the glitter in the eyes can only be compared to that which happens at having just a look at our loved one.

We know that the wait is over, the time has come to meet our loved one. The thirst to converse increases, the hunger to shake hand expands, the crave for a hug zooms really big and we are aware that when all these are satisfied we are not on earth for sure. We are in the 9th heaven and thats the feeling of love with our loved one. Enjoy the feeling, remember the sensation, repeat the situation because "It's time to meet your loved one".

Tomorrow I am meeting my loved one. Are you? If so please share your experience on

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