Sunday, January 29, 2012


People who can appease themselves in tense situations without others' help and yet appear simple in nature are quite interesting to write about. Sometimes during functions which are places of display of our richness some austere people show their asceticism whom I call as "simple" which is quite difficult to explain. Still the gaping of on-lookers doesn't attenuate their beliefs in anyway. These are the people who show their assiduous nature in work than showing off with yellow metal. They assuage their hunger for satisfaction in life through their arduous efforts in whatever they do. The apathy shown towards such kind of an attitude by some folks who are more interested in material wealth shows their disapprobation of such behaviour .
Most people who appropriate other men's wealth and aver false claims over it are not respected by the artless 'simple' people. These 'simple' people are audacious enough to challenge anykind of unlawful measures against common people. Post Independnce , India having an autonomous government requires such kind of beneficient people to apprise the common men of their Rights in order to fight against the folk whose smile belies their true nature. These 'simple' people who believe in serving than merely giving bombastic speeches also bolster the scientific world to work for the betterment of common men and help in washing away the banality of the present soceity.

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