Sunday, January 29, 2012


In an exhibition the connoisseur contended that all the paintings exhibited were of the 18th century. However some contentious people who were not ready to accept that argued about the statement made by him. When he realised that he had forgotten the presence of a recent painting he tried to apologise but his contrite apology was not accepted by these people. Further he explained about little conundrums hidden in some of the paintings to which the attention of all the people present ther converged onto. Though some could not understand the convoluted descriptions given by him, they tried to act as if they understood better than others. Some paintings based on war daunted small children. All the students however maintained decorum inside the hall by default as their teachers were watching them closely. The connoisseur showed his deference by answering all the questions of the students. Step by step he delineated the complete concept behind every painting. He avoided denigrating any painter even though there were some grave mistakes in some of the paintings. Some of the students who were deriding the fellow students who could not understand certain concepts were warned by their teachers to behave properly. Some of the paintings were mere derivatives of the lifestyle of people. Big leaves were desiccated and placed at the corners of the painting for the purpose of decoration. Some people who could not understand a bit of what the connoisseur was explaining walked around in desultory throwing diatribing remarks at him which were deterrant to the normal flow of the connoisseur. However those who were interested carried on to encourage him to explain more.

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