Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Social media - the messenger

"Did you tweet today?" "What was your status update today on facebook?" These have become the lingo of the current generation. Social media is engaging a vast mass of the population. Greeting cards are getting converted into e-cards and included as attachments with mails. Meetings are happening on hangouts virtually. Overall, the social media space is filling the space of communication amongst people. Even call or SMS feel outdated in front of the Whatsapp and ChatOn mobile applications. The least money is charged for people to throw their messages on social media.
The social media has all the options of like, share, retweet, comment etc. These options are virtually providing an environment for feedback for whatever the people post on different social media platforms. These are more public than they appear to be. They showcase our thoughts and feelings put in words to a number of people completely unrelated to the topic of interest. It's not always the set of people who LIKE or RETWEET what we update, who are the only ones to whom our messages reach. We must be really careful before updating any content online. As more and more people are glued to the internet learning what's happening in the lives of others, more the people are feeling the lacking of a friend who can give an ear to listen to them. As a result, frustrations pile up in the hearts of people which come out as baseless self-realizations on the social media platforms as posts, tweets, comments and status updates.
Indirectly, social media has become a platform of messaging the things running in the minds of people. When a person is hurt by his/her friend, there's an instant message online depicting the incident and the conclusion from the experience which might be completely wrong also as in most of the cases. The status update is posted to make sure that it hits the person who has hurt than just to merely update a status. Social media doesn't put an obligation on people from coming on to the streets of timelines and shouting nonsense their heart and mind out. As a result, everyone feels the freedom of not being questioned or condemned by anyone while updating online whatever that comes to their mind which might lead to bitter results later. Hence it's important to use social media only as a platform for connecting with others as a means of communication rather than as a messenger to spit our negative emotions and feelings. The right use of the modern technology is highly important.

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