Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brahma na mele Gubbi asthra

I am sure that the title would have been a bit difficult to understand for the non-Kannada speaking audience of my blogs. There is a proverb in Kannada, "Gubbi mele Brahmasthra". The meaning of the proverb is as follows; Gubbi means a sparrow and Brahmasthra means a mighty weapon which is granted as a boon to anyone who does severe penance praying to Lord Brahma by the Lord Himself as per Hindhu mythology. Brahmasthra was the mightiest of all the weapons that existed of those times. The proverb says that using such a mighty weapon on a sparrow is not worth it and is very much intimidating. One shouldn't use a very strong weapon against an enemy who's weak is the meaning of the proverb.
In the title of the current blog post, I have reversed the proverb and have stated it as, "Brahmana mele Gubbi asthra", which means that someone is trying to attack the mighty Lord Brahma with a weapon of a sparrow which is very comical to even hear but there's a lesson to learn from this. When the opponent is very weak, we mustn't use a very strong weapon against him to win over him. On the other hand, when the opponent is a very strong person, you cannot use a weak weapon to fight against him/her. The weapon must be in accordance with the might of the opponent. As people grow in life, there is a tendency to undermine the younger potentials. They tend to feel that they have understood everything in life and start imposing their philosophies on others. Unfortunately on rare occasions, they are mislead by the young age of the person that covers the huge amount of experience s/he holds and end up showing off their small tricks to impress and all efforts go in vain.
We must never prejudge the person in front of us unless we have heard from him or about him. Trying to use any kind of tactic to win over the opponent without understanding the opponent will always lead to ruin of reputation and loss of credibility in his eyes. We must gauge what card to use at what time against what kind of a person to win his heart and trust. When we focus on how we and our opponent can collaborate in the future, we won't use time to talk about our past and while away time impressing the other person. Instead, we will listen to the other person then share our ideas on the necessary topic.

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