Thursday, June 27, 2013

The RIGHT thing

Right things at right places with right people make right things happen at the right time. There are so many 'right's in the previous sentence that it just gets difficult to understand as to what is the right thing to be done. However confusion is a part and parcel of life and hence you are bound to enjoy its bliss. Right and wrong are two perceptions at the end of the day. What is right for one person might seem completely wrong for the other.
I have heard this justification from a lot of people that all the successful people were just present at the right place at the right time and that's the reason they were able to become successful in life. If success was a mere result of coincidence then probably half of the world would have been successful which is not the case. Success is a string that is formed by connecting all the dots at the right intervals. Success is not a point on a board, it's a long route that doesn't seem to end at any point of life. Success demands perfection and perfection happens due to the combination of right inputs. That's what this blog post speaks about. Along with being at right places at the right time, doing the right things along with right people is also important. Nothing right happens on its own. We need to execute the right action to encash the right results.
Connecting back to the perception concept in the earlier part of the article, doing what is justifiable and brings about good to majority at no cost of harm caused to the minority is called the right thing. Things which are done with good intentions in life will always ensure right results for us as well as for the ecosystem around us. Give your best and you can be sure that the right thing shall happen on its own and God shall take up the responsibility to reward your efforts rightly.

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