Saturday, March 02, 2013

What grows faster perishes faster

I have observed in gym that most of the times this happens with newbies. The moment they get their hands on the dumbbells or barbells, they feel that they have all the power in the world to lift them. More than training it becomes a challenge to their pride of physical strength. They start thinking that they have to lift heavier weights immediately to grow faster and build muscles. As soon as they get into this habit of building muscles at the fastest rate, they get into seeking every possible way of achieving it. They heed to all types of supplements which are not so recommended for health, they start taking medicine as well and get into drugs in some cases just with the desire to build a hunk-like body at the fastest pace. All these definitely build their body faster but with all the added side-effects which are far from getting resolved in future. Once they reach their highest extent, they stop all these and it has disastrous effect on their body and health. All the side-effects start to expose and all the muscles that they have built perishes making them look highly pathetic.
Many people have been a target of such mad rush for pace. The same scenario follows everyhwere else in our life. We have to build things at a steady phase. I don't say 'slow and steady' here but only 'steady' because slow itself tells that its speed is lesser than that of the normal required/expected speed. So whenever you are in a pursuit of achieving something you have to evaluate all possible ways of building that work which shall fetch you the achievement. There are lot of means to achieve, some are good while some are bad. You have to be ethically correct to choose the right path. This right path itself shall show you the time that will be required to build your path towards success which shall be stable, maintainable and further scalable. Every algorithm has the time of its implementation associated with it and you can only tweak it to reduce the time but keeping the result and logic the same. In the optimum time allotted to your work, you need to perform to your best efficient extent and work towards your success so that whatever you build doesn't perish away. Feel free to share your reviews on

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