Friday, March 01, 2013

Twists and turns

All of us like surprises. The human mind finds routine stuff boring and the moment there is anything new which is a change from the existing trend, it catches attention of our senses. Since the human mind can logically anticipate and predict the next step, if the same happens then there is no much surprise to the brain. That is when it needs some twists and turns.
For those people who love mathematics, I am sure you would be much more happy to solve aptitude questions that involve different tricks to solve the problems. You would enjoy solving those competitive exam questions rather than writing answers for derivations which might carry more marks. Brain needs exercise and it needs something to think upon which is unpredictable. Based on this psychology of people, today's movies are coming with different stories and screenplays. If the story is straight forward then a reverse screenplay using flashbacks is employed to create the necessary suspense. It's much more enjoyable to watch movies that have twists and turns woven into the storyline itself. The Shawshank Redemption was once such movie that nearly shook the chair that I was sitting on towards the climax. The slow paced story for nearly first 90% almost made me stop watching it but the thundering revealing secret of last 10% made it one of my all-time favourites.
In life definitely we wouldn't expect any twists in our education or career or family life though we expect the same in movies. However even movies were made by people seeing the world around. So you have to be strong enough to face any kind of twists and turns that the uncertain life might throw at you at any point of life. If you are ready, then share your feedback on

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