Saturday, March 02, 2013

Thons not thorns

Marathons, triathlons, walkathons, cyclothons and other different types of thons are frequenting our daily news more and more nowadays. Some happen as a competition while some happen for a cause. These different thons test the physical strength of people. They provide physical exercise for people who participate in such a cause just for the sake of participation to serve the cause.
Such thons attract and gather large numbe of audience at a single place at a single time. They help strangers exchange their experiences and to know each other. Some of them are good fun to celebrate. Some of these thons have become regular habit of few people who have taken the decision to regularly participate in such thons. No more does a walk or a run for 5-10 kms sound as something that gives thorns to your legs. It becomes an enjoyable experience when done in a crowd. Even bigger advantage of such thons is that they bring about an awareness in people watching them because of the large number of people supporting the cause. Thons also differ in their schedule, time of conduction, place of origin and the challenges involved. Irrespective of these variations they are the best ways to bring about mass participants to participate in a single type of an event.
These thons have made the thorns of physical stress sound very negligible or probably seem unnoticeable in front of all the benefits that they provide. If you get any chance to participate in any of these thons that you come to know, do go ahead and enjoy them. As you know, experience cannot be explained. Do let me know if this blog was helpful to you on

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