Saturday, March 02, 2013

The chime of rhyme

Santhanam is one of the comedy actors in tamil film industry. He is just too good with his dialogues and his dialogue delivery. He comes up with a counter statement for every simple statement and that is what adds comedy to the situations. He has a great presence of mind because of which his sense of humour impresses everyone. While watching his comedy I observed that he brings about rhyming words to make the dialogues more easy to repeat and remember.
Then I went back to my old childhood days when I used to learn poems, all of them rhymed at the end of every line. Rhyming has in fact been used to elevate the readability and the beauty of poems and songs in numerous occasions. That's why I named this blog as 'the chime of rhyme'. Chime is a kind of instrument that brings about sound that's quite persistent in our ears even after the source has stopped producing it. Similarly whatever rhymes also persists in our memory easily for a longer period of time. A very simple example is right in front of you in the title of the blog. Both the words 'chime' and 'rhyme' rhyme with each other and hence their combination serves as a worthy title. You might have even observed that some of the greatest statements told by successful people have rhyming words in them at the end of their lines. Rhyming just adds beauty wherever it is used aptly.
Try to incorporate rhyming style of writing in your articles as well. In fact the search or the thinking involved in finding the most suitable words which rhyme and still maintain consistency with the meaning is a bit difficult process but as time goes by and experience builds every word of yours shall seem soothing and enjoyable to the listener's ears. Please feel free to share your opinions on

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