Friday, March 01, 2013

Salute to the patriot

Sri Udham Singh Kamboj is one of the unheard stories of our Indian freedom struggle. I am damn sure that if you search about him in wikipedia, you shall get the entire detailed information. Still I would like to share a small gist about his life and the lesson that I learnt.
Jallianwallah Bagh massacre which occured in 1919, was one of the most brutal attacks on innocent people in the history of the world. The English military force surrounded the park and openly fired at more than 20,000 innocent Indians who had gathered to listen to the speeches of their leaders. Thousands of bodies were found in the well in the park the next morning where people had jumped in to save their lives. General Dyer was the commander who gaved the order and Michael O'Dwyer was his senior official who supported him saying that the decision was apt. Udham Singh Kamboj who was an associate of Bhagat Singh, learnt about this and held Michael O'Dwyer responsible for this and took up the decision to take revenge against him. He wanted to travel to London and assasinate him to teach the British a lesson. Being a rebel in India, it was hard for him to reach England. In spite of getting imprisoned for 5 years, he kept his hopes alive, took up different names and finally reached London in 1934 after 15 years.
Even after that, he waited for 6 years to find the most suitable occasion to kill the British officer and finally in 1940, he openly fired at Michael  O'Dwyer in a meeting organised by British officials and fulfilled his purpose of life after which he was hanged to death. You can google out further to know the real story in detail but I just want to salute Sri Udham Singh Kamboj for the kind of perseverence that he had towards his revenge. In spite of knowing that his purpose would lead him to death, he held his passion high for 21 years to fulfill his purpose of life. Why can't we people be passionate of our dreams on achieving which we shall only be living a far better life? Why do we lose our hope, belief and motivation within few months or years? Why can't we carry the fire of fulfilling our purpose of life for decades? These are the questions that spring up in my mind on reading Sri Udham Singh Kamboj's story. Do let me know your answers on

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