Friday, March 01, 2013

No option, you gotta FIGHT

I am a hardcore WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment fan. I have been watching WWE right from my childhood when I was studying in my 6th std when Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock used to contest for the WWE championship. I watch it even today and the fascination for it continues. Some of the best lessons of my life have been due to WWE. So, thanks to Vince McMahon.
In WWE, it's often observed that human emotions are at their extremes be it positive or negative. Anger, hatred, jealousy, trust, betrayal, love, and a lot of these are showcased with the highest power possible. It's natural that a wrestler who becomes the favourite of the people to have more number of people attacking him to take away his top position. In fact the title holders are targeted by every other non-title holder. Different people keep challenging the champion to fight against them. In such cases the wrestler has to agree to face the opponent irrespective of how stronger or how bad the opponent is. It's the law of WWE. The challenger must be faced, no matter whether you're prepared to face him or not. Likewise I feel that even in life we come across a whole lot of new problems or challenges at time. At such occasions we don't have any of our backdoors open and  all that we can do is only FIGHT.
Sometimes life gives us no other option apart from fighting the problem. If the champion in WWE is afraid to face the challenger, he will have to surrender his title. Similarly in life, if you are afraid of the problem in front of you and surrender, then you will have to give away your cherished dreams which doesn't make sense while you're alive. Hence everytime life corners you, just know that there is no other option and you gotta FIGHT! Feel free to share your feedback on

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