Friday, March 01, 2013

Magic of music

It was decades ago when we had movies which were just plain with no audio and only video. After audio got attached to the movies, it took the movie watching experience to a whole new level. Especially music is the key for holding emotions of the audience while watching any movie. Irrelevant music can completely strip off the movie of its essence. Perfect music can even hold the breath of the audience.
I have been a great movie-buff and a big fan of movies as well. I am always awed by these music directors who create the background music. Composing tunes for a song is a completely different subject. Background music adds value and vigour to every scene. The moment we sense the starting of the background score, our mind can anticipate the kind of situation to expect next. The background scores of some movies are so powerful that they remain in our memories even after we are out of the theatres. That surge in the piano tone and a light voice added to it can make our pulses go up and down at the highest frequency possible. Every minute sound of a knocking of a door also can be made diligently visible in the screenspace given. I still cherish the movie 'Pushpaka Vimana' which is a speechless movie of Dr.Kamal Hassan but with an amazing background score that narrates the entire story.
Everyone of us are influenced by music of one type or the other. I just wish that someday I shall be able to compose some music as well. All of us love those moments when we have our earphones on listening to radio or our favourite songs and we keep singing along forgetting that the world of trouble exists around us. Do share your music flavours on

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