Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's His plan

You can be cent percent sure that the world shall not behave precisely as you want it to behave. 'Man proposes, God disposes' has been a saying that has survived through the tests of time of human ego and domination. I am sorry to those people who think it is bad when something happens against their plan because if it happens so then it's His plan.
It was around 4 months back that I was in a marriage celebration of my dear friend when I learnt this lesson. My friends and myself had planned to go out for an outing with the guests who had arrived. At that time, we were making a plan for our outing as per our calculations but when the time of execution came we committed a superb blunder and had a strange situation to handle with and I was completely tensed at that moment. At that very moment came my dear friend's brother who taught me this. Whenever things turn out the way we had planned then cherish it. If it happens that the things do not turn out as we planned then cherish it even more because it wasn't our plan but God's plan which was more suitable for that occasion. This lesson immediately relieved me of all the worries and tension. Such a powerful lesson it was for my life that I have been applying it whenever I got tensed about something and it always has successfully evaded the tension away.
I pity those people who take in all the tension of the world at once on their head when something that was planned doesn't go their way. More and more people add more tension to the same situation and progressively build the pain of the situation. If once at least one of them realises that this was His plan and it was lot better than what they had planned keeping future in the mind then all the worries would move way paving way only for happiness. While God is busy making His plans for us, you can share your review on

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