Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's all about earning the trust

Trust is the costliest feeling is what I have come to understand in the present times. There is a severe scarcity of trust among people in today's world. Each one is working for their own selfish motives while each one is doubting every other person has what become the thinking of majority of the people today. All these are a result of betrayal of the trust that happened in our society in the past. The human population has gone beyond control and amidst the limited resources people seldom even find time to think about others.
However, since all of us need to co-exist on this earth and co-operate to bring about each others' dreams materialise into reality, it has become a must to develop trust among people once again. So everyone is just hoping that the people in their life trust them. Many are even making prompt attempts to win the trust of people in every occasion that is possible. a student completes all his assignments on time to win the trust of the teacher, an employee takes care of all his assigned work with utmost responsibility to earn the trust of his boss, politicians have to work for the good of the society to win the trust of the people who are the real voters. In order to grow in life, we need to earn the trust of those people who hold the key to our growth. Not just that, we also need to win the trust of those people who look upto us for help because as Robert.T.Kiyosaki says, "if you want to be successful in life then you just have to make enough number of people successful". Trust has become the major part of the relationship bridge between any two people today. If there is no trust then you can be sure that both these are not working on any work that's going to become productive to the world.
Trust has become the necessity of the world in order to function. It may take ages to win the trust of people but it might just break with a simple blunder of ours. Hence we got to be very careful when it comes to the matter of trust and I believe that people vest trust in those people who have a solid formidable good character. Hence develop a character of your own that doesn't ask for trust but commands the trust of other people. Please share your feedback on

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