Friday, March 01, 2013

Double shades

Everyone is good, everyone is bad, only the percentage varies. This is what my mathematics professor had taught us in my first year of engineering. I remember this statement to its word-level perfection even today because of the greatest truth of life that it carries in it. A lot of us don't know the different between good and bad while we still fight over them and this statement just concludes it all.
Each one of us present on this earth love to do good things that satisfy us. None of us would love to do things that harm us. Unfortunately there are those unfortunate souls who harm themselves thinking that they are doing it for their own good by getting into the bad habits which I don't want to mention here as you people know it well, courtesy the spoilt environment around us. However devoid of such cases there exist double shades in each one of us based on the scenarios we are planted in. No one can claim that s/he is completely clean with their work and actions all the time. I am not sure if you have heard about the experiment of that mother orangutan which puts down its own child and stands on it when the water level in the drum which it is present in rises above its manageable level of surviving. It's difficult to say whether the orangutan was good for saving itself or bad for killing its own child. It's hard to see ourselves in its position.
Every hero or a villian appears in good shade to people who support him while in a darker shade to those who oppose him. Even the earth has day and night. Even the moon has a full-moon day and a new-moon day, even the sky is clear and dark, likewise double shades are just the law of nature. Feel free to share your views on

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