Sunday, March 03, 2013

Do you want to sparkle or shimmer?

Each one of us have dreams that are mighty big and wonderful. No doubt that all of us are working towards our own goals, dreams and visions. In fact it's the DNA code of any human being to dream for more and work for more. Still why do we see that there are some people who really shine out of the world while there exists the rest of the mediocre society?
All the people in the world want to have the highest wealth with them but there are only few people who amass this massive amount of wealth. All of us want to be big celebrities of the world and have the power to rule, still only few people really become celebrities who rule the hearts of the people. The reason for these differences in results though the same dreams had taken birth in the same way in all minds is because everyone wants to run but not all want to run faster than everyone else. People fail in keeping targets for themselves and hence miserably fail their own expectations. Majority of the people give up when they are half-way through as they find the road to success highly difficult. With all these obstacles and decreasing level of self-confidence most of them just shimmer away in front of the eyes of the world. Only those few special people who have decided that they are going to be where they wish to be no matter what, reach the top and sparkle.
The choice is completely in your hands. If you want to sparkle like a star, you need to burn all your energies to become a bright shining star such that you can sparkle all the time. Else the high initial energy keeps decreasing as we cruise through the challenges of life and the moment our hope and beliefs are lost we just become those shimmering stars which die away eventually. Do sparkle your feedback on

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