Saturday, March 02, 2013

Corporate social responsibilities

It was those times before when people worked in their own particular arenas and grew them bigger. With the growing population it has become a necessity today that people should contribute in each and every field. Just because you are studying it doesn't mean you mustn't work, just because you are in work it doesn't mean that you can't do business, just because you are in business it doesn't mean you can't be in politics, just because you are in politics it doesn't mean that you cannot be a religious saint.
Everyone is given equal rights and opportunities to enter every other arena and more so, it has become the need of the hour today. Hence business corporations are requested to extend their help in development of social sectors. So companies today have certain socially oriented responsibilities called as corporate social responsibilities. Infosys has been responsible in imparting education by building schools for under privileged students and providing education opportunities to the have-not's. Melinda-Gates foundation which is a NGO started by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft has been responsible for bringing out positive changes in the society in a lot of places. Even Mr.Warner Buffet has contributed majority of his wealth to Melinda-Gates foundation to make lot of social service reach the needy people. Corporate Social Responsibilities, CSR as they are called as have been a major contributor in bringing about practical implementation of the social service that is spoken about by different NGOs.
Businesses exist to make money by providing customers their services and products. The best part is that they are taking out a share of their business profit to use it positively for the benefit of our society. Thus businesses are feeding not just those who are involved in their business but also those who aren't. I salute all such companies who are bringing about massive social impact through their CSR projects. You can message your feedback

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