Saturday, March 02, 2013

Be natural not artificial

'Act natural' is one of the most common phrases that we hear during the movie shootings. Act itself symbolises the action to be an artificial one. Being natural is far from trying to act natural. When we take time to prepare then whatever comes out of us is artificial, when we speak or do stuff in the natural flow of things then all that comes out is natural.
We are the most natural with ourselves. With all other people around us, I think we most of the times put up an artificial presentation. Whenever someone questions us about something that we don't know, we would not want to immediately accept that we do not know. We want to show off that we know something else or the reason that we don't know what we were asked. The reason is because we tend to feel that the opposite person might undermine us if we directly declare that we don't know the answer for the question that s/he has asked. To maintain one's own prestige that is completely invisible, we pretened to give an answer that doesn't accept our unawareness or ignorance or negligence.
All that we make up to protect our own image just shatter when we are in front of a person who has surpassed such stages of life. When the highest truth of life is itself to be as you are, there is no point in trying to project an artificial image of ours that's not tangible. That which comes out without our thinking is what we are feeling at that moment and that's being completely natural. Do share about what you feel on

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