Saturday, March 09, 2013

AWAKE celebrates International Women's Day

Congratulations to every woman out there in this world who has been working to make this world a better place to live in, as we celebrate the 102nd
International Women's Day today ie. March 8th, 2013. On this occasion AWAKE
(Association of Women
Entrepreneurs of Karnataka) had hosted a grand function at the 4-star hotel 'The CAPITOL' and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it and add more energy and entertainment to the event as the host for the 2nd half of the day with IU games on behalf of TENUVISE.
The hotel banquet hall was grand with glittering and hanging lights. It was a wonderful scene to witness more than 100 women entrepreneurs who had gathered to celebrate the spirit of women entrepreneurship ranging from the age of 20's till 60's. The enthusiasm these women showed was just more than mesmerizing. A total of 8 teams with 8 members in each was made before we kicked off with the games session. It was an astonishing surprise to precisely have 8 teams of 8 members each on 8th of March. I just believed that it was divine plan to make this happen.
We started off with the game called 'Sell your slogan' where in each team prepared slogans for the item that they were suppose to sell. People got items ranging from onion, chair to love letter to sell with their slogans. Each team participated with equal interest and enjoyed the game. Then came the exciting game of the day called as 'Papyrus Raja Rani' where in each team decorated two of its members with just newspaper as king and queen within 10 minutes. All the teams were superbly involved in this art game and at the end of 10 minutes we had 8 pairs of King and Queen who beautified the stage with their ramp walks, proposes, hugs and kisses which was a scene not to be missed. This was followed by couple of individual games like film dialogue delivery and ball games. Ladies delivered dialogues in different languages and entertained the audience.
The program concluded with a splendid cake cutting ceremony as a mark of celebrations and the prizes were given away to different teams and individuals by the President of AWAKE. It was a great occasion for me to emcee and I enjoyed it thoroughly well. I would like to thank all the lovable audience, the AWAKE board of members and not to forget my beloved IU team who supported and made this a grand success that people relished the joy of the session to the best extent. Looking forward for more event hosting and emceeing opportunities to entertain and energise a lot more people. You can contact me on