Friday, March 01, 2013

Appreciate, if not at least acknowledge

It was just 2 days ago while I was conversing with my younger brother who is studying in 8th std, he was sharing about some experience of his in the cricket field. I just took the liberty of pulling his leg and made a comical reply for every statement of his. This went on for 4-5 dialogues between us. I was pulling his leg with every statement and finally he lost patience I think. He just said that he feels like bashing those people who counter every statement of ours at times. That statement was just a tight slap on my face and that too from a kid who is 13 years younger to me. Can't help! I had to learn another lesson of my life.
Even you would have been in such situations where in there is a counter statement by the person talking to you to whatever you say. Often such counter statements are funny, ridiculous and attempts to laugh at you. Probably we might have been in the other position also like myself in the case with my brother. We might have been those people who made fun with everything that a person told us. It seems funny and witty to do away with such antics. When taken sportively by both the sides, it might not harm much immediately but in the long run it sets in a cold feeling between the two of them. No one is perfect enough to remain perfect all the time or make perfect statements all the time. So, it doesn't mean that we have to laugh at the imperfection of someone else. It's just like throwing stones at someone while we are in a glass house.
It's important to appreciate people for what they share so that it builds their confidence and trust in you so that they can share more. Even if you can't appreciate just acknoweldge whatever the other person is sharing with a smile or nod else the frustration might build to such an extent that it gets converted into a negative action. Feel free to share your views on

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