Friday, March 01, 2013

All of us need an approval

While I was working out in the gym this morning, I had planned to work out double muscle. For past 2 weeks I was just working out on one muscle per day. I felt that it didn't give the required growth to my muscles and hence I shifted to double muscle workout a day. However it was my own decision to change the workout style. But at the end of my workout, I went and told what I was doing to my trainer although he hadn't recommended any. When I spotted this scene in my mind, I went back to all those occasions in gym when I used to perform my workouts and go and report about them to my trainer though he hadn't advised any of it. All I needed was an approval from him as I consider him a professional in the field of bodybuilding. I just wanted to make sure to myself that what I was doing was correct and hence needed an approval from an expert.
The same happens with all of us a lot of times. We work on lot of stuff on our own. Sometimes we are guided by others while sometimes we do things on our own. Whenever we perform things on our own, though we have learnt the same from some book or someone's experience, we tend to have a feeling to get it certified by someone who has the expertise in the field we are working in. I am sure that you remember those instances during your childhood when you used to write a page of alphabets or draw a simple picture on a paper and show it to your parents, friends only with an anticipation to get their approval that you had done it right. Be it at home or work, everywhere we need someone to approve of what we are doing. Else it just feels that we might not be completely right though we would have done our best. Hence I say that 'all of us need an approval'. Feel free to share your views on

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