Sunday, December 09, 2012

Explore, Excavate, Embrace, Encompass

Sometimes I think of just sitting in the house and writing as many blogs as possible and it becomes equally impossible. I feel as if I have ran out of all ideas to blog about. On the other hand, while I am on my vehicle all around the city every incident that takes place in a meeting or in the traffic keeps feeding the idea list to blog about. That is when I tell myself that the world is not inside the house, it's outside. Get out of your comfort bed and go out to explore.

The world has got every possible culture, psychology, species, monument that can mesmerize your eyes and upgrade your knowledge database. I accept that today internet has brought all that's in the outside world onto the small screen of a phone or tab or laptop or desktop in your home. No doubt that you can see the pictures, videos, even chat with people over internet but I can challenge you that you cannot feel any of them. You won't be able to feel the human touch, the hug, or the texture of walls or anything else. May be that technology that can satisfy the sense of feel will take some more time to evolve. Anyone who is blind or deaf or dumb can survive with just the simple sense of feel while a person who has lost the sense of feel is said to be in coma. I hope this emphasizes the importance of the sense of feeling for one to value it. So in order to have the best feel of everything go out of your homes to explore.

Not just explore but also try to excavate the deeper hidden history of all that you explore. Expand your horizons through explorations and deepen your wisdom with excavations. While doing so, start embracing all that you learn and feel. Imbibe deep in yourself all that can make you a better soul and a contributor to this world. Encompass the knowledge more and more only to turn into a global individual who can share the global experience with every local whom you meet in your life. Do share about your 4Es with me on

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