Sunday, October 28, 2012

Water Car enters my resume

Many of us prepare our resumes for our placements. In our resume we enter all our skills, talents, academic and extra-curricular achievements. In doing so, I had included a project of mine which I had done in my 9th std while many include only those projects which they would have done only during the graduation time period. The project 'Water Car' was one of the remarkable achievements of mine is what I felt and hence I included it. I will let you know the inside story of how this happened.

In my 8th std, for the annual science exhibition I had made a model on the use of solar cells for providing electricity to houses. I couldn't bring the original solar cells as it would be very costly and hence had made just a look-alike of solar cells with paper. I had displayed this model and asked my friend to explain so that I could roam around the school seeing all other projects. By evening when I returned I got to know from my friend that my model had got the worst reviews possible. Both the science teacher and our headmistress had ridiculed saying it was a dummy model and had given very bad comments. I couldn't take this as I had spent entire night to make this model itself. I went to a nearby ground and was in tears that I had failed miserably. At that moment there was a small hope or desire inside me which told that in the next year science model exhibition I would get praises from the same people who had ridiculed my project.

I was in 9th std and one fine day, my friend showed me a magazine which had a picture of a car which could run on hydrogen and oxygen gases and would produce distilled water. One of my friends and myself went to IISC with this idea along with our science teacher. The first professor whom we met said that this idea was practically non-implementable. Then we met another professor in another department who surprised us by saying that we could demonstrate the model and even take it from IISC for demonstration at our science exhibition. We were really excited and my friend and myself worked in IISC for 3 days under the guidance of the professor. Just on the previous day of the science exhibition we made all our display ready for our projects. My friend made another project since he was in another group and I took the Water Car project for my group. On the day of the exhibition I woke up late due to last night's additional work and the rest of the day had some really unforgettable moments.
I didn't even have breakfast and got some snacks from a bakery while going to school in an auto. I had to get the apparatus from IISC to demonstrate my project and I went to call my friend but his group teacher didn't send him because judgement wasn't over yet. I went to my science teacher and even she disagreed to come as I was late and scolded me. I couldn't control my tears as all my efforts would go a waste on the final day. Then I decided to go on my own to IISC and one of my other friends accompanied me. In IISC, to my shock I was informed that the scientist of the lab was out of the country and without his permission they couldn't give us the apparatus. I stood persistent over there to get it at any cost. The professor was even worrying that I hadn't got any teacher along with me but finally made up his mind to take a risk of providing me the apparatus. I collected it and ran back to school and thanked God that the judgement had still not started. Finally the chief guest, judge, principal and headmistress came near my project. I explained the concept and connected the apparatus but the motor didn't run which gave a jolt in my heart. The chief guest just touched the fan attached to the motor and it started running immediately. It was just stuck due to some rust. I was overjoyed and the principal even mentioned to the Chief guest that my model was selected for INTEL district level science exhibition.

By evening, I was more than happy that lot of people who watched my project were really happy and the results announcement time had arrived. My science teacher came and informed me that I had won the award of 'Best Science Model of the year' and I was satisfied that all my struggle had finally paid off. I could just recollect those moments exactly one year back when I was at the receiving end of the worst comments against my project. In one year God had helped me to receive appreciation and award from the same people who had ridiculed me a year back. It was a big moment of triumph for me and hence even today I include this project 'Water Car' in my resume.
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