Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New from the old

There is a concept of a bird called Phoenix. It is said that this bird has no end to its life and is eternal. It grows from the size of a small bird into a big beautiful bird with unimaginable magical powers. Then as days pass by, it weakens into the older self and burns into ashes. This is not the end still. Then once again a small baby bird is born out of these ashes which repeats the life-cycle. Probably you can witness this in the movie Harry Potter.

The example of a phoenix is a clear indication that something new always is born out of the old and the existing. Even the famous salesman-cum-speaker Zig Ziglar says that creativity of coming up with something new lies its beginning in the amass of lot of existing knowledge previously. There is nothing that man has created newly which was non-existent before. Whatever the innovations that man takes to his credit have all been different combinations of the existing materials on earth. This doesn't stop at the materialistic things only. Going forward with a simple example of an aeroplane, man had no idea of flying in the air until he saw the birds doing that. That is when it struck to his mind as to how he could achieve the same and Wright brothers did the work on this. The more you are exposed to, the more you know, the more you learn, more is the number of things that you can play with. You can experiment by having different combinations of different informations in different quantities to come up with something new everyday. Hence target to read more, learn more, travel more, teach more and do more.

Most of the people today are obsessed with the concept of patents and new inventions. They fail to accept the fact that they need to use the existing things to create something new. They are under the misconception that their work will not take help from anyone else's work and spend years of time and energy in vain just thinking as to what new, out of the world invention that they can come up with. If you are one such individual of such a group, please come out of it and think as to how you can use the old and existing facts to serve any pressing need of the current world. This approach of yours will lead you to innovate novel methods and new devices that will add to your achievements list. You can reach out to me on

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