Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 minutes to respond

Yesterday morning I was watching the Presidential election debate between Governor Mitt Romney and the US President Barrack Obama. Just before the start of the debate, the host was informing both the gentlemen about the conditions of the debate. In one of the conditions he mentioned that both men would get just 2 minutes only to respond to each other's comments or questions. This point caught my attention immediately. Just 2 minutes ie just 120 seconds to respond at a level where the future of America would get decided. I was left bewildering at this point and was pondering over all my previous encounters where in people took days to make a simple decision.

Time is such a crucial and an important factor that it sometimes teaches its own value by the loss or shortage of it. I have observed many a times that people invest lot of time in planning and decision-making rather than in action and execution. For a simple decision of taking forward one's own life, people think of all the pros and cons of making the decision. The heads of many institutions and organizations take days to consult with all thier staff and students to implement a simple project which would inturn benefit their own staff and children. A person who is leading a team or a company or even a country like America should be so confident of his intellectual capability and visions that s/he should be able to believe in himself and the decisions that s/he is going to make without the consult of all the members of the community. People are diverse and have diverse opinions. Moreover not all men are educated to the same extent to make a decision which can be beneficial for all. That is the exact reason why we elect and select a leader who can take the team or company or a country forward. This leader should be capable enough to take decicions quick enough which can push the progress faster through action rather than wasting time by involving in unnecessary discussions with host of people. Even if such discussions are to be considered, they must be done with people of really high calibre like the board of directors or the ministry and should be concluded quickly.

Friends! many a times opportunities will knock your doors and will not even give you 120 seconds to respond. You will have to be on your toes to take decisions and move ahead instead of spending time on thinking and evaluating as to what can happen in the future. There is no fun in having discussions or debates for hours together. Every hour of talk should be followed by at least ten hours of action. Only then the quality of our talk also can be respected. Please do let me know your opinions on this on

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