Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pre and Post Work

So you have started to read the blog. Probably your intention was to read the blog. Let me divide the procedure into even more minor details. The work that you decided in your mind to do couple of minutes ago was to read the blog. You might have seen the link to the blog on facebook or you might have directly entered the URL for my blog. Anyways your ultimate objective was to read the blog. Once you finish reading this blog probably you will close this window or open another website on the same window or might even shut down the computer. However your task of reading the blog was the work that you intended to do but in the process of accomplishing the same you would do lot of other things before and after reading the blog as described in the above lines. This is what I call as pre-work and post-work.
Most of the times our subconscious mind is so well tuned to go through the pre and post steps of any work that we don’t even realize that we are investing our time and efforts of completing. They do not even enter our To-Do lists. Still they are very important to complete. Else the work that we decide to do ends incomplete. Many try to take shortcuts to avoid this pre and post work and end up in redoing the entire task again and again. Remember friends! Every work has a logical series of steps of execution where none of them can be skipped. How disciplined and ordered we are in life determines the amount of extra time and efforts that we can avoid spending on these pre and post works. As per scientific research it has been estimated that on an average man wastes around 15% of his time in rearranging the disordered things. Lack of planning and prioritizing are some of the key points that affect the efficiency of our work. Hence next time whenever you are planning to any particular work just have a count of time and energy that you spend on the pre and post work. If you can tabulate this regularly you can have a clear estimation of the extra time and efforts that can be saved by better ordering and planning.
My work of blogging also has its own set of pre and post work. Same will be the case with your feedback on

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