Monday, August 20, 2012

When non-living spoke

Human beings are one of the lucky lots to have this amazing ability to speak. Verbal communication has built businesses, civilizations, prevented wars, created inventions and discoveries and lots more. How calm and silent would be this world if none had the ability to speak or hear! Probably then the world we are living in would have been thousand times less developed. Verbal communication has just made the progress spectacular. How would it be if there was a world wherein even non-living things spoke!!!!!

I am sure you have entered your imagination world trying to listen to what the pen or fridge or washing machine or computer is speaking to you. Just imagine that while you are writing with the pen, it shouted at you when the ink was getting over - "Hey friend, ink is getting over, can you refill and continue? You're just rubbing my nose(nib) too hard". When you opened your wallet to take out money to buy a gift for your love, it called out to you- "Hey buddy, you use me to keep your money safe to gift so many, have you ever gifted a velvet cover for me?" When you tried to kick start your bike on a cold day it exclaimed-"Please stop it!!!!!! You can't just keep kicking me all the time, the battery has completely drained out, get it recharged first!" When you kept working in front of the laptop at your office and were literally tired it might have tried to console you saying-"It was your choice to become a software engineer and to struggle to stare at me eternally for hours together. I will never get tired because you provide me power continuously and have kept me in AC but you are not a machine like me dear friend! please go out in nature for sometime and take rest so that meanwhile I can restart and make your work a little faster."

These examples can continue forever unending. You might have even more better conversations with non-living things. We humans presume that non-living things have no life. Just alter the tought a bit to give life to them. Probably there might be a million things that you can learn from them. We learn from others and this 'others' always meant humans. Why not extend a bit further to even learn from other things. Every thing in this universe is significant and that is the reason it exists. Its upto you to discover its significance.

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