Sunday, January 29, 2012


Teacher is a person who influences our life to a very great extent. I was more interested in our teachers' digression during the classes especially in engineering because I felt that it taught us more about life. A dirge shown in a movie at a teacher's funeral stirred all the students into tears. A teacher always tries to disabuse his students about the concepts during the process of teaching. Some of the discordant concepts are explained with such an ease by experienced teachers. The discerning capability of a student is bolstered by a teacher. Even if some of the teachers are unable to satisfy us, we should not discredit or disparage them at once. We should still respect them because they are our teachers. Some of the difficult discrepancies cannot be solved without a teacher's help. We need to pose our questions in discrete amounts rather than burdening the teacher with a pile of doubts. Some of the disingenuous students misuse the freedom given by the teacher during class hours and as a result they will face punishment as the teacher is disinterested about any particular student.
A good teacher is one who dismisses our weakness and helps us to develop our disjointed thoughts into a constructive application. A teaher gives examples from disparate fields to make us understand a simple concept. I remember some of our teachers dissembling as some of the characters in a play while teaching about a drama lesson. Our teachers hold the responsibility of resolving the dissolution among some of the misled students and disseminate the ideals which will help us to improve in life. We need to heed to our teachers' advice when we are stuck in situations of dichotomy. Only when we shed our diffidence and explain clearly about our problem can the teacher help us. Rather than making diffuse talks about how bad our teachers are, we should stand in their shoes and think if we are able to do atleast 10% of what they do for us.

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