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When it comes to academics different people are of different opinions. Some feel it is the most important thing of any student's life. some feel it is very difficult to be the TOP in academics whereas some of them are of the opinion that it doesnt even matter. Lets not get into debates or discussions about the importance of academics
here because I dont know who you are until you give your feedback. Lets see academics as a part of our life. A winner choses to be a winner in all the fields. Everyone would be happy to do their best and get the best results in whichever field might it be. Hence here I would like to share with you few methods which helped me get amazing results in academics. I hope and in fact am sure that these methods would work for you as much as they worked for me :)

My name is Mohan.B.N. I did my schooling in MESKK, Under graduation in MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science and completed my Electronics and Communication Engineering from RV College of Engineering. I was a topper in my school right from 4th standard. I have been in the top 3 ranks always in all the tests and examinations except for some 6 times until I completed SSLC with 93.92%. I was awarded the MERIT student award consecutively for 2 years in 8th and 9th Std and secured 5th rank in NTSE examination at state level. Being he 4th topper for Karnataka in my 2nd PUC with 97% score (98.33% in PCM, 100 on 100 in Mathematics) and securing 29th rank in Engineering CET and 33rd rank in Medical CET were many of the memorable accomplishments. Passing out with YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD and 86.4% aggregate in engineering under VTU was yet another milestone. If you are thinking all these were difficult I would say it was not as difficult as you are thinking but it was one of the best funs of life.

Studies or academics require the same attitudes for being at the TOP as required to achieve success in any other field as sports or entertainment or art. HARDWORK, PERSISTENCE, AMBITION, CONSISTENCY, CONCENTRATION are the words that we regularly hear which are most essential to achieve the best results in this field.
I dont deny with any of the above advices because I, myself have been a stern follower of each of the above qualities. But one factor we need to observe is that the above words cant be measured. So many students get confused as to how much hardwork to do or how much more consistent to be. I promise you my dear friend, I wont put
you into confusion after you read this blog :)

I am going to talk about just 3 most important topics:-

"Everything starts small" is a very famous quote we have heard and over-heard. Lets not forget "Everything BIG is built in small steps". Likewise in academics too, no one becomes a topper overnight. Successful studies never happened in past through last-night efforts just before the exam and will never ever happen in the future. Beware of those advisors who advise you to study just the day before the test or just the week before the exam. As we require daily food at regular intervals our brain also being a living entity needs daily regular consistent amount of food called knowledge. In general, as overdose of food on a single day can upset our stomach likewise overdose of studies in a single day can upset the mind as well. Hence I always believe in and advocate daily regular studies.

Whether you are a school student or an undergraduate or doing your graduation, make sure you have something new to study everyday. Let it be something that has been taught in your school or tuition or college on that particular day or if nothing new has been taught, study the next topic which will be taught the next day in your instituition. Because new things, new information, new people always build curiosity and interest in us. So starting off your daily studies with something new will motivate you to study without any boredom. Once you have completed this, then go for that part of studies which you have planned (in-detail discussion about PLANNING is discussed in the next topic) for that particular day. The third part of your daily studies is all about writing. Writing is equal to 3 times reading in my opinion because first time you think in
your mind what to write, second time you are physcially writing, third time you are telling in your mind what you are actually writing.

The writing part may consist of writing your homework, records, assignments, datasheets etc or just a handwriting improvement.
Make sure that you take atleast 5-10 minutes of between each of these 3 parts. Each of the 3 activities should atleast be done continuously for 30-45 mins depending upon the requirement. I dont specify any particular time of studies because some are comfortable to study as soon as they return from their school or college, some prefer to play and study after 7 pm while some prefer late night studies as it would be a lot more silent. The choice is yours. Starting your studies once you light the lamp in the evening after praying to God would be very asupicious as most of our elders suggest.


Has there been any building built without a plan? Has there been any business started without a business plan? The answer is big "NO" in both the cases. In the same way, only well-planned studies can yield the best results. Random studies will only lead to disaster. This plan can either be written down at the back of your diary or on a paper and stuck to your cupboard door or might be neatly placed in a photo frame and kept on your study table or might be there just on your mind. Once again the     choice is yours. But the main point I want to drill down here is that there must be a plan for your studies.

A basic study-plan must be able to remind you at any point of time the following 3 things;
1. What portion of studies need to be done?
2. How much of time has been alllocated to complete that portion of studies?
3. How many days before the exam/test are you studying that portion?
As described in the above EVERYDAY STUDIES section, once you complete studying of new information first the second part is to study the portions planned for that particular day. In general, planning is done keeping in mind an exam or a test as the target. Make sure your planning should be done much ahead before the test or exam. The number of days required to completely study the portions for a test or exam depends on your capacity. While doing EVERYDAY STUDIES initially itself you will have a fair idea about how much you can study per day. Based on this prepare your study plan. Keep atleast 2 days of buffer before the exam or test so that you dont have any last minute tensions if you havent completed any portion of the studies. If you have completed as per the plan, Congratulations!!! you get 2 days of revision time.

There are few final titbits about study-plan that I would like to share with you my dear friend. Make sure the you are reading your entire study-plan twice, once before starting your studies and after finishing your studies everyday. This will help you keep track of your daily studies and also will create a subconscious blueprint of the study-plan in your mind. Keeping a combination of two subjects in your daily study-plan will avoid the boring of studying the same subject and at the same will give you a good feeling of completed part of two subjects simultaneously. Mathematics should be a part of your everyday study-plan irrespective of the other two subjects and maths should never just be read. Always practise mathematics by writing.
Last but not the least life is all about enjoyment of every minutest of the work we do. So why make studies an exception. Lets enjoy studies. But HOW??? is a very big question on many minds. I still remember while I used to write the exams, many songs used to play in my head and by the time I realised I would have completed writing the entire answer. My marks dint go down because of this as I have stated my records above. Lets accept the fact that we will have to do our studies, we will have to    attend the exams and tests. There's no escape. Lets do it in the best way possible. Fun is the best way of learning anything. Whenever you sit to study just prepare your mind to enjoy what you will be studying. Try to picturise almost everything you study. It will stay in the brain longer. Talk to      the characters in whatever you are studying as if they are your friends. Associate a song tune to narrate a description. Explain to your mom or younger brother or even a dog whatever you have just studied. Invent funnier ways of your own while studying which will make even the most boring subject the most interesting one. Trust me, it    works.

After a good amount of time invested in studies, relax yourself. Deep breathing will be very helpful. You dont have to revise once again in your mind while relaxing. Relax    means just RELAX! Before any exam make sure you have atleast 8 hours of good sound sleep. As I have mentioned earlier, no point in last night studies and last night tension if you are aiming to be a TOPPER. Go out for a walk or if you are into bodybuilding, go to the gym and have a good workout. Exercising the body is as important as exercising the mind. Relax! Enjoy studies, enjoy LIFE.

My dear friend, I wish you all the very best for your studies. Just waiting to see you in the toppers list in the topmost rank. All the very best! Please pour in your feedback. I will try to provide better and easier methods as we move along further.

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