Thursday, September 04, 2014

Remember people and their names

A name is an identity of a person. Every person associates himself/herself with this identity. A baby which is newly born into this world doesn't have to worry about what it's called. It knows that all the people around it are only there to take care of it. All those people who smile at it and call out any sound seem to be talking to the baby. That's when the baby doesn't feel any need of a name or an identity. But as we grow up in life people know that we no more remain babies who don't know how to take care of ourselves. So the extra-care that a baby deserves gradually reduces. That is the time of identity crisis for a growing infant who doesn't find much attention from the elders. Hence an identity requirement arises and the child gets christened with a name. Thus a name becomes the identity of the person.

Name is an entity that symbolizes a person for lifetime. As a result, every person gets attached to it emotionally as well as spiritually. More than knowing that we are human beings, we refer to ourselves by our names as if there are a billion species out there in the world with different names other than just homo-sapiens. This close becomes our name as an integral part of a person's life. It's almost like a part of the human body from then onwards. When someone forgets our name it is as if he has forgotten that we are alive. Even if a person misspells or pronounces wrongly a name, the person gets severely disturbed. That's the essence of importance that one associates with one's own name. There have been so many examples when people have broken relations just because a person didn't care to remember the name of the other person. A small spelling mistake in the name is not tolerated by many people because one cannot visualise himself/herself with the wrong spelling. Hence one should be very much careful while writing down the names of people, especially while printing on banners and invitation cards. Every person has a dream to make a name for himself/herself before leaving the planet because no one shall remember the amount of money you make or the number of properties you build. All that the people shall remember once a person has left the planet is that, "There once lived a person by name ___________ who did so and so........"

By now if you have understood the importance of the name for a person, you will never even make a mistake by chance also to misspell or wrongly pronounce or forget a person's name who has been your acquaintance. People are happy to be recognised, exclusively by their names. Hence remembering people and their names becomes a very important factor in all our lives. We need to give that extra effort to remember people who have crossed our paths and especially their names too. Only then will we be able to build a strong network of people around us who shall respect us for the kind of respect we show them. Only by influencing positively the lives of thousands can we make our lives worth being lived and rejoiced.

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