Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You gotta girlfriend; get serious boss

Pretty hot topic, I know! Right from the time I updated this title as my Whatsapp status people have been enquiring about my girlfriend. Getting a girlfriend in life is one of the hottest discussions amongst students, teenagers, grads and to-be married individuals. It makes the eyebrows of people raise and the cheeks of girls go pinkish red and no wonder it's a treat to watch these happening. Having a girlfriend is a sense of pride upliftment for most of the boys and young gentlemen. Anyways, I am definitely not against guys who have girlfriends or those who want to have girlfriends. I shall be the first person to encourage provided that guys are aware about certain important aspects. Everyone needs someone close enough to share things happening on a daily basis for moral and emotional support. Once things go beyond the scope of discussion with parents or teachers or close knit of friends, people enter into relationships.

I observe many of these boys who are lost in their phones. They keep smiling innocently conversing on messages, playing with smilies and blushing at regular intervals biting their lips. Some of them, who are engaged on long daily calls are totally unaware of the traffic on the road or the ticking clock. The wild imaginations and fascinations of girlfriends fill their heads and flow out to occupy the metaspace too. Her earrings to lipstick to nose ring to sandals are the highlights of these day dreams. Guessing the colour of their girlfriends' clothes and decorating her with different designs of clothes become the daily homework for most of the guys while they are alone with their imaginations. Just a glimpse of her smile and laughter kills every heartbeat of these dreaming Romeos. Wow! These are some of the wonderful sensations that every guy deserves to enjoy, but, to what extent is the question here. I was watching a couple of movies in which they showed that a criminal who gets a girlfriend gets into the above explained fantasies when he is right in front of his enemy. So many movies showcase that students in schools and colleges are lost in thoughts about their girlfriends in the classes and don't study properly, ultimately ending up failing in their subjects. A lot of working men lose focus from their work the moment they get girlfriends and perturb their own career growth. Such scenarios are very well stitched into the movie scenes along with beautiful songs and romantic dances. People end up feeling that those are the real ways of being in love, or rather, falling in love. Cinemas are nothing but exaggerated versions of pure reflections of things happening in our daily lives around us. Unfortunately , such presentations of love are leading people in wrong directions.

I am not saying that such fantasies happen only with boys and not with girls. I personally believe that it's a guy's responsibility to take complete accountability for his girlfriend's wellbeing and future. Hence this blogpost is more focused on what boys need to be and do once they have a girlfriend. A girlfriend comes into a guy's life with all her dreams and hopes on him, and with a guarantee that he shall be the soulmate who shall fulfill all of those. Now, it's the boy's turn to keep up to those expectations. His life is shared between two souls now. He must amend his mistakes soon and work extra to reach better results in shorter spans of time. If he has to do so, he can't lose his time in daydreaming about his girlfriend. He has to get serious and focus to do more with higher efficiency so that he can devote certain amount of time everyday for the person who loves him. If movies start showcasing this as to how a student studies extra hard and passes his exams with good grades, or how a professional improves his time-management skills and enhances his multi-tasking ability to do more work in lesser time resulting in quicker promotions, having a girlfriend shall no more sound as a distraction. She shall be the major reason of success in a guy's life the moment he develops seriousness having her in his life. Earlier, men used to get serious at the time of marriage but it's high time now, that people need to get serious at the onset of their relationships, both about their lives and relationships instead of being lost in filmy ways of getting lost in love feelings.

My best wishes are with all the present generation Romeo-Juliets and Laila-Majnoos. Especially, the Romeos and Majnoos should take my serious advice along with my wishes. Make your girlfriend feel that you are the right MAN in her life with the results that you bring about rather than with your words or descriptions about her beauty. (But don't forget to keep continuing admiring your girlfriend and appreciating all good things about her; girls love them and I certify that for you).

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