Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time for graduation

Education has become one of the most basic necessities for people to avail a job and lead a decent life. Without education, it's highly difficult to survive in today's highly competitive and highly cunning world. There is enough number of people around to take advantage of your unawareness and cheat you from getting what you really deserve. Hence education becomes very much important in all our lives, but the misconception is that education is nothing but graduation. Pursuing graduation and completing a degree course doesn't guarantee right education. Unfortunately, majority of the graduation pursuing students have fallen into the wrong assumption that it takes 3-4 years to complete graduation of one degree. We must evaluate the right time that is invested on graduation and not the time that is spent.

According to my experience of having addressed a lot of students pursuing different degrees, I have come to know that irrespective of what degree a student is in, s/he doesn't study everyday like how students do in school. The last night before the exam becomes the most important time for such students. There are few students who start studying a week before the exam also. Many students are not even interested in attending regular classes and due to lack of experienced and good teachers students seldom listen to teachers' lessons. In this case, it gets proved that students study on their own and that too, during the dead end when the exam is just one or two days far. If students can score and pass exams with last night preparations then all semesters of any graduation can be completed within few months and it is not required to spend years to complete graduation. The college also doesn't run for 24 hours a day. It only runs for 6-8 hours a day. Taking holidays and mass bunks into consideration, on an average, just 6 hours per day is spent on graduation by students, which means just one fourth of the day. Extrapolating to 4 years of B.E, only one year of complete time is invested into graduation by students. This gets stretched for 4 years by the existing education standards, wherein students have no idea that they are wasting three-fourth of their time during graduation in the name of graduation.

After 3-4 years, when you look back you will only be able to say that you did so many years of graduation though you knew that it could get over within one fourth of the time. So, it's high time for students to understand the responsibility of every day that is bestowed on them. One should make sure that s/he is involved in lot of other things in free time apart from graduation. Only then 3-4 years of graduation will also encompass experience in different kinds of work along with exposure to different fields of life along with graduation. Filling in your day with variety of activities instead of wasting time in the name of graduation will be the best way for any student pursuing graduation to follow.

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