Monday, August 25, 2014

The Attraction Percentage

Television has become a necessity more than a luxury for almost two decades now. It has become such a basic individual necessity that in a house there is a television per room. Many are addicted to this entrainment-cum-information box while some call it the idiot box too. The programs that are telecast in TV are what make money for the producers. The TRP ratings measure the scale of success of these programs. To increase their TRP ratings different channels advertise and market their programs in unique styles. In this marketing only the attractive portions of the programme is showcased. When you see the whole programme the attractive portions form a very small percentage of the whole show. However, programme owners are successful in pulling the crowd just by showing the small percentage of attractive portion. Eventually the entire programme gets sold to the customer.

I had heard a dialogue in one of the movies where the hero mentions that most of the movies will be filled with crap while the trailers will be fantastic. The audience is attracted by the few scenes showcased in the trailer to go and watch the entire movie and comes back disappointed for having wasted the money on the movie. It's in fact not easy to fill am entire show completely with new content that is always out of the box. People will use their creativity to come up with something or the other which is novel to the audience. The rest has to be repetitive to host the new innovations. Unfortunately the audience cannot slice out only the new developed content from thewhole show. Just with an expectation and anticipation that the twist might just arrive in the next minute the audience also spends hours together on TV shows and movies. If we could possess that magical wand which could screen out only the best and the new scenes from the entire show then we could have saved millions of our hours that have got invested on such programs. Nevertheless, we must definitely appreciate the media for being efficient and proficient enough to be equipped with the calibre to attract the audience towards it just by showcasing a very small attractive percentage of the whole show.

Not the just media even our own lives are not filled with new moments every single day. Most of us get drained in our routine life that we are unable to create something that is attractive to our own eyes in our own lives. As we scan through the number of days that we have lived through there are very few days which gave us the fun of living. Rest all other days were the same with their pattern and happenings. In spite of knowing the truth that not every day can be Sunday we still carry on with our lives because that's the truth of life.

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