Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Don't brag if you cannot nail it

Actions speak louder than words. There is no way we can underestimate this statement. Only your actions can nail down things that you want to happen than just words about what shall happen. No matter how long you spoke in front of the wall it shall not break. The moment you take the hammer and bang it against the wall there will be an instant crack on the wall. Bottomline- only action can make things happen and not mere words. Bragging has become one of the best ways to showcase why one shall be a great person in the future. Mere bragging shall only live for the moment and die away as instantly as it originated.

Plans are always made much before the implementation. Sharing about your future plans is always fine but bragging about those is not a good idea, unless you're the decision-maker. People are unfortunately misled to believe that the world runs on their decisions while the person holding the reins is sitting somewhere else and watching the game. If you brag about something that shall happen from your side and you don't hold the key to make it happen, then obviously your bragging backfires at you. People are only going to lose belief in your words thenceforth. You must have the complete clarity about the time by when you shall deliver what you bragged about some time back. Unless that happens, you are just going to make fun about yourself in front of your audience. People shall remember your open commitments made on the stage and shall come back to ask for the delivery. It doesn't matter whether the commitments you made on the stage can impact these people or not. They are always with the hawk-eye to find out whether you will stand up to your bragging or not. Unless and until you have the complete control of the scenario there is no point in bragging. You have to be the person who can nail your commitment down and only then do you earn the rights for bragging. If the delivery is promised or controlled from someone else the better option is to be a step away from bragging.

In today's world people want to make you feel that you have the leadership to take decisions. It's only to make you feel that you are meant to carry a lot of responsibilities. The money is not transferred into your account until the banker signs the cheque no matter how much ever money he promises to transfer at your wish and will. The final control is in his hand to sign the cheque. One should not get under the assumption that people promising us freedom to shout will give the freedom to deliver the promise too. Ultimately the control shall lie in the hand that funds your plans and plans your actions. Beware about this hand behind your back before assuming that you are the hand. Don't brag if you aren't the hand to nail it.

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