Friday, August 15, 2014

Calls can make businesses

Being in the field of sales and marketing phone calls are one of the prominent essentials of my work. I would salute Alexander Graham Bell for inventing phone and gifting it to mankind. I would also salute the person who came up with the idea of wireless communication, especially Marconi. Wireless telecommunication has facilitated us with the privilege of connecting to people irrespective of which place we or the people we want to connect are in. It no more takes hours together of travel to meet up a person and convey your message. A phone call is more than sufficient to do your job. Out of my recent experience I have found out that, one can create good amount of business just through calling. In fact, the study of many other companies also revealed the same result.

As the technological age has advanced, new modes of communication through internet like e-mail, video conferencing and many others have taken the lead to convey the highest amount of information in the least amount of time possible. In the earlier days, there was no internet or any kind of wired or wireless communication available. People used to walk on foot or travel using transport facilities to meet their investors and clients. Only then the business used to run smoothly. With the advent of phone the amount of time invested on travel was reduced to invest the same duration of time on phone calls to yield higher results. With the advent of internet and email facilities, once again, the amount of time spent on calls is available for online communication. Since the online communication is even documented well, it stays as a proof for days to come. The results out of the business with such facilities must be much more than those in the earlier two cases. There is no one to stop the growth of the technical industry. New devices shall be innovated only to make sure that communication happens faster and clearer. We have to learn to adapt to the new technical developments and use them in our daily lives if we are here to compete and stay long in the market. Humans must evolve their usage to new gadgets as they are released one after the other.

Evolution has been an inert part of homo-sapience since day one. So, it's naturally expected out of a man to continuously adapt to new gadgets and make efficient usage of these. All the inventions and innovations are the result of the research done by yet another human being.  If man has the potential to evolve with nature then he definitely has the power to evolve with the gadgets made by his fellow human being. At the end of the day, it's all about reaching out to your customers. This can be done only through talking to them, and the best way to connect to someone is through either travel or different modes of communication. As there is an evolution in the technology around us we must also be ready for evolution in order to get used to the new technology.

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