Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh my God! Tussi great ho!

Just when you think that nothing is happening as per your desire things change their course and start falling exactly beyond the expectations that you own. Whether you would like to attribute this fortune to luck or randomness or uncertainty as per Nicholas Nassim Taleb or to favourable environmental conditions as per Malcolm Godwell’s Outliers it’s up to you. All those efforts which just feel like are going in vain, all of a sudden start yielding results out of nowhere. Being a theist I would definitely love to attribute this extravaganza of unexpected positive circumstances to the grace of God. Hence I repeat, “Oh my God! Tussi great ho!” (Oh! my God, you’re great!)
I remember a story which I had heard almost 2 years ago. As per Hindu mythology Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati are considered to be the divine deities of humans. As Lord Shiva observed that on earth many had lost respect for God and had been ignoring the value systems it was leading to huge chaos and a lot of misery for the followers of the Lord. Hence Shiva decided to teach a lesson to these ungrateful humans who had forgotten His existence. As a punishment, He stopped showering rain on earth. After about 6 months, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati decided to travel around the earth in disguise to find out if the humans had learnt a lesson or not. There was huge famine on the face of earth and everyone was struggling for food. They were chanting prayers in the name of the Lord and conducted many sacrifices to please Him. Lord Shiva and his wife were happy to see that their plan had clicked. A few steps ahead they met an old man who had been ploughing his land. Lord Shiva was wonderstruck as he heard from other people that this old man had been doing so everyday despite the occurrence or absence of rainfall.
Goddess Parvati was puzzled and Lord Shiva asked the old man as to why he was doing so. The old man replied, “Oh my Lord, ploughing is my job and if I don’t do it regularly, I will forget it. Showering rain is Lord Shiva’s job about which I needn’t worry.” Lord Shiva realised that he had almost forgotten how to shower rain and immediately recollected his power to shower rain on the earth so that he wouldn’t forget it completely. The old man’s perseverance and daily practice influenced Lord Shiva to shower his blessings on the living beings on earth. Likewise, even in our daily life, some rewards will be snatched away for some time. All that we need to remember is to keep our efforts continuous and focus on our work. Anyways God will do his job of showering the rewards at the right time.

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  1. Perfect sir! We shouldn't forget doing our work. Like Lord Krishna says, "Do your work, and not worry about the results" Super cool write up... More respect for this write up comes because you have been following the same! You write every single day whether you get visits, readership, comments or not. What better example!!??

    Keep rocking sir! We love reading your blogs :) :)