Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Documentation passes on education

Documentation is the best way of passing on education. Man is mortal and that's why documentation becomes a very essential medium of passing on what one man knows to the other. Though man is supposed to be one of the living beings, he cannot escape death and his term of living is limited. However a non-living stone can live forever. Probably it should have been assigned with the identity of living because it lives forever. Extrapolating this to all the non-living things, every non-living thing is actually the living thing that lives through all the tests of time.
None of us belonging to the present generation have seen Aristotle or Plato or Galileo or even Hitler for that matter. We are lucky to know about them and how they looked, courtesy the books that printed their photos and the video-tapes that captured their precious moments of life. If there existed no papers or photographs or video-tapes, probably we would have forgotten the history of our forefather generations. The early man through different ages made his documentation on the walls of the caves. This has helped us to know what the Cro-Magnon man looked like and how he lived. Documentation has helped to avoid repetitions of inventions and discoveries. If no one ever documented anything then man had to still be in the Old Stone Age. Thanks to documentation! That it has helped to counter all these disadvantages and helped man's life to progress through different civilizations.
Documentation of the history has yielded our present. Likewise documentation of the present shall yield our future. Not just passing on of education, documentation also avoids repetition of work. Also one man cannot explore the entire world and all its aspects and learn all of them on his own. Different people will have to take the responsibility of exploring different fields and document about it. Once this is done, it shall serve as a form of education for others and as a result all of them shall be mutually empowered. You can pass on your feedback on

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